Social Entrepreneurship

Center for Social Entrepreneurship:

Human planet abounds in social problems and complications, but all such complicacies can be turned to opportunity through finding out the way of solution. Social Enterprises are the initiatives ventured only for finding out the way of solution of social problems where it can be profit making or non profit/charity endeavor. Bangladesh inherits a bulk of social problems such as poverty, illiteracy, malnutrition, hunger, health hazard and so on. All such problems can be solved through social entrepreneurship (taking the initiatives of social enterprises) because among the crowd of problems we have a bulk amount of young people who are energetic, enthusiastic to think for bringing social changes.

Social Entrepreneurship isn’t a new idea, over the globe it’s a revolutionary concept of making impact on society and economy. Luckily Bangladesh got world’s three largest social enterprises namely BRAC, Grammen Bank & ASA. Moreover, Ashoka: Innovators for the Public, Skoll Foundation, Omidyar Network, Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, Canadian Social Entrepreneurship Foundation, NESsT, New Profit Inc., National Social Entrepreneurship Forum, Echoing Green etc are most influencing social enterprises which are making impact.

Center for Social Entrepreneurship:

Here, BYES Center for social Entrepreneurship believes to solve the social problems of Bangladesh we need more involvement in social entrepreneurship and to foster social entrepreneurship it is aimed to school and train up young people to take more initiatives, to innovate the ideas for social change, to incubate the ideas of social enterprises, to produce expertise/researcher on it and eventually to facilitate remote young social entrepreneurs.

Our Goal:

To foster social entrepreneurship among young people of Bangladesh for bringing social change

Our Integrated Working Module:

  1. Schooling & Training (young social entrepreneurs)

  2. Innovation & Incubation (of Social Enterprises)

  3. Facilitating young Social Entrepreneurs

  4. Research & Publication (on Social Entrepreneurship)