BYES is a youth-led non-profit and non-partisan organization that intends to develop and lead knowledge-based and activity-oriented young generation, through informing about youth concerned issues and actions, equipping them with practical knowledge and skills, engaging them in social actions and initiatives.

Communication & Leadership Development

Communication and Leadership development program is a signature program of our Leadership building and youth development goal.

Access to Education: MedhaBikash

MedhaBikash program focuses on helping students in educational journey and their journey to higher education.

Career Development

Our center for career development provides professional training for building better career. Get skills development help from our learning online learning platform klassroom.xyz

Earn Online and Offline Skills from Klassroom.xyz

Klassroom.xyz is our new initiative to help young and people of all ages gather skills for career development. Follow our facebook page of klassroom fro regular update.


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