Youth Volunteers Training

After a successful recruitment of the Youth Volunteers, they were provided a 4 hours long training at the BYES Office on September 9, 2012. On the training, three sessions were conducted on “Why to get involved in Voluntary Activities”, which was conducted by Md. Robayt Khondoker, General Secretary of BYES. Later a session on “Youth Service Leadership” were taken by Nabila Hossain to inspire youth volunteers in learning leadership ways. Afterwards, another session were taken on “Your duties and Responsibilities at BYES” by Jillur Rahim Chy, HR and Social Media Coordinator. A very interactive session on “Team Work” conducted by Ashiqur Rab, Program Officer of BYES. At the end, the Youth Volunteers were illuminated on “Whats, Whys and Hows at BYES” to give the volunteers a holistic idea of BYES mission, vision and Work.