BYES Programs

Youth Service Leadership Program (YSLP) aims at training Youths from diverse communities from both privileged and underprivileged arena to make them capable of making a difference in the society by serving community through different creative engagement. Service Leadership is the next step beyond service learning. Once a young person fully understands the concept of learning by helping others, he or she begins to grow personally as a leader. The Service Leadership concept is based on Servant Leadership, a term coined to define a leader who is servant first. It makes conscious choice which brings one to aspire to lead. The program activity will include a month long youth leadership training program along with several field visits , idea generating tools and practical activities for learning through serving the community.

BYES Youth in Governance and Democracy Program (YGDP) is a knowledge based and activity oriented youth program that aims at deepening youth knowledge and fostering active youth participation in the good governance processes at both the local and national levels. The YGDPprogram is one of BYES’s thematic areas and targeted at training youth leaders, activists and young student professionals and their organizations, with the hope that the knowledge gained from the program shall be passed on to others in their various communities.

YGDP aims at empowering youths for the next generation and gathering all youth alternative approaches in building bridges of inclusive democracy and governance. The specific objectives of the YGDP include: promoting a spirit of mentality change among young people towards democratic and governance issues; promoting a sense of responsibility among young people through interlocutory dialogue and experiential learning; building capacities of youths and preparing them for the next generation.

BYES Youth in Social Entrepreneurship Development Program (YSEDP) aims to work to solve the social problems of Bangladesh. We need more involvement in social entrepreneurship and to foster social entrepreneurship. It aims to schooling and training up young people to take more initiatives, to innovate the ideas for social change, to incubate the ideas of social enterprises, to produce expertise/researcher on it and eventually to facilitate remote young social entrepreneurs.