BYES organized workshop on “ Gateway to Global Exchange Program”.

Bangladesh Youth Empowerment Society (BYES), with a view to circulating and disseminating about the exchange programs of U.S Cultural bureau of education to the wide and diverse group of youth of Bangladesh, organized a workshop on ‘Gateway to Global Exchange Programs’ with 50 undergraduate students from different colleges and universities at E.M.K center, Dhaka. The program provided knowledge and information of the U.S exchange programs to the participants. The event started by Mr. Jillur Rahim, HR Officer of BYES followed by a welcoming speech from Mr. M.K.Arref, Director of EMK center. Then a presentation on BYES has been given by Md. Ashiqur Rab, Program Officer of BYES.
Ms. Tahnia Shahid, Program Manager of American Center, was the key presenter who elucidated the procedures of applying for the U.S exchange programs. She gave all sorts of valuable information on U.S exchange programs for Bangladeshi student with fluent presentation and interactive question and answer session. She also provided three brochures containing information of the undergraduate programs for each participant. Two state alumni who attended SUSI, NESA program and a group from K-L YES alumni shared their experiences individually with interactive presentation. Ms. Sunera Saba Khan, a state alumnus who attended SUSI program, shared her experiences and explained how to prepare for SUSI gateway. Waseka Whaid, a state alumnus who experienced NESA program, shared her experiences of studying at Washington University in St. Louis and expressed how to face Viva-voce for NESA program. A group containing three members of K-L YES alumni also shared their experiences life at USA. At last the program was ended with thanks to the respected guests and participants.